May 01, 2011

How do you like eating almonds? Shelled almonds or what? Definitely you would love to eat this already shelled or else you would always bang your hammer or a piece of something to shell the almonds. :-) Well, if you ask me, I really like eating almonds. Oops, in an ice cream! But not in a pack. I don't know about you but sometimes it's some kind of monotonous having a lot than in something but this thing, nope, I like to munch-in a lot. Alright, this is my first time buying or eating an almonds in a big pack. As if how many months of supply for me. DH don't like it that much so it's only myself I can depend on to eat this. Haha! I was just curious having this one because my doctor advised me to eat this instead of peanuts. And so I tried since I also like it in ice cream mix and I love it!

Ah, the journey of Cacai M.'s firsts. A big pack of shelled almonds! Just only for myself. Wahheheh!

By the way, do you like almonds?


  1. nonoy said...
    Wow this used to be my favorite nuts in High school. I remember we were in Bicol when I always ate Almond nuts, even shelled ones. :-)
    Chie_Wilks said...
    i love it along with cashew nuts..panghatag diha sis be para mkatulog ko hhehehe

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