May 01, 2011

I am not a scientist, nor a teacher. I know some about science but not that great. We all a student for life anyway. What I meant is that we all have to study in our entire life. Not a compulsory but an essence. Time to time, there are advancements, new to our senses. Just new, modern. I am not in favor of all modern, or the old school but rather in the middle, mix of old-school way and modern, that is. Now, when when being curious of, " what is human growth hormone? " is, isn't this also a sense of curiosity and a hungry of knowledge of what is this all about? It is not an ordinary question but I just bumped on it as it is said to have a cause and effect of weight and beauty. Overall, it has been said as it contributes to the essence of being " us " , our body movement and such. Hemmm.. interesting?!


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