May 01, 2011

(Guest post written by Jeramy Sparks)

The first time that I watched the documentary film In the Shadow of the Moon, I was a bit skeptical. My husband is the space history buff and the one who likes documentaries. I typically prefer mysteries or comedies. But it was his birthday, so I made some popcorn and turned the satellite TV from tvbydirect to the station airing the documentary. I'm so glad that I agreed to watch it with him. After only a few minutes, I was really engaged by the story. Growing up, I just took for granted that the United States had put astronauts on the moon. Learning the behind-the-scenes story of how President Kennedy's declaration that a man would land on the moon became reality was fascinating.

The old footage and media coverage of the lunar missions were interesting but I really enjoyed seeing and hearing from the Apollo astronauts. I'm a big fan of Ron Howard, so having him introduce the show was a big treat. My favorite interviews were the ones with Michael Collins, the Command Module Pilot of Apollo 11, and Jim Lovell, the Commander of the ill-fated Apollo 13. 

Many documentaries feel like they drag on, but In the Shadow of the Moon kept up a lively pace. When the film was over, I felt inspired and proud of what these men and our country had accomplished.

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