May 19, 2010

Hi folks, how's everything? I hope all are well. By the way, are you fond of anchovies? Anchovies, is a fish that could preserve into dried and salted which eventually serve as a viand or some. It is also good as a pair of an unripe mango or alike. As to my side, I am fond of this little fishes either fresh, salted or dried. Perhaps I grew up of eating like this so my taste bud crave sometimes. I even have stocks in our home in its proper place currently or most of the time.
salted anchovies in a bottle

I have stock of dried ones but not fresh and salted. Days ago, I had like such salted ones like an image above for the second time around but unfortunately I ended up getting the "not good" on my taste. I don't know what happened but it really doesn't taste like what I expected. Perhaps because it's imported? I doubt but on the other hand, perhaps. I don't really know the reason or perhaps I just missed my home land. Ahhh! I don't know... but I conclude my taste bud didn't like it for the second time around. It ended up throwing that bottle/s away. What a waste and I don't like wasting stuff but it need to (that time). Only me will eat it, apparently my DH won't even taste it. So, what would I do then? Yeah, threw it. :( I was sad because I crave for it big time. Ooh well, I could just settle for a salted fish sauce alone than that with its flesh (: , yeah it's better that way. I hope one day I can encounter a same taste of salted anchovies as like what I used to ate back in my home town. I am longing to have some. So then, good luck to me. Ha! :)

What about you, are you fond of such salted anchovies like that above? How was it?


  1. Happiness said...
    I love salted fish and dried fish. Like you baje I even bought a salted anchovies in a bottle before but I did not like it at all. It tasted horrible...Lo-od kaayo. That's the reason why I don't buy it anymore except when I visited our country and immediately I will go to the market and buy the salted fish.
    Dhemz said...
    ayay! wala pako katilaw ani madam sis...will check this next time pag mag adto me sa pilipino store....ehehehe!
    Cacai M. said...
    Best bud (Happiness/An), you're right as in lain jud kaayo ilang salted anchovies oi.. I don't know if Dhemz will try it one day, I hope it won't happen on her or else I know what's her reaction. :( Anyway, madam sis Dhemz, I hope you got it good.. get the best one. muahhh!

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