August 06, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

I took this picture at the date in the image as well as the time. As you can see it was still more like early evening but it's already 20:44 (8:44 pm).

Anyway, the above picture is our neighbor apartment rooms in the apartment complex where we live. Perhaps you could picture out it's a small ones but in actual its not such. One apartment has 2 bedrooms, spacious living room and kitchen, etc. Many apartment complex also in the nearby area here. The apartment complex shown is composed up and down of which it has 11 rooms all. The garage is a wide one downstairs. The commercial laundry washer and dryer too is downstairs. It has also a water fall and fishes before(as my husband said) but not after I came here and the management just put soil and plants in it to maximize the area and I guess to avoid maintenance of the area. And weeks ago, it was repainted (the outside area excluding the roof). Hubby said when there's a renovation or some from the management it's of additional payment and we're glad the rent is still the same yet new painted environment. It's cool! And now you can picture out where I (with partner, most love, and most important person of my life--hubby) live, huh? (~_~) Anyway, this business was owned by the company named after one of the family name of the famous Los Angeles Lakers basketball team player. And am proud to live here.. (~_~) So then, have a nice day folks!


  1. shydub said...
    Nice man d i inyong apartment cai, dako sd siya. Sus ang amo gipuy an sauna astang gamaya 1 bedroom nya mahal pa jd well, ingon ani jd siguro dri. Daghan nka mga friends dha sa inyong building?
    Salamat sa mga bisita ug commentos gwapa, haay naka laag na jd ko balik dri, ganiha buntag nagpabadlong ang google dili ta kasulod sa mga domain blog.
    Dorothy L said...
    It looks very neat and clean.

    It was so nice of you to share your home with us.
    Now I can visualize you running up and down the ramp ways:)

    Thanks so much for your kind reply about my misspelling your name.

    Dhemz said...
    woi nice man diay inyo apartment madam sis kay no need to clean up the backyard and pick up some rotten fruits...hehehhe! mura man sad diay mo nag puyo sa hotel...hehehe!

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