August 18, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Have you heard the news yesterday folks? About hubby goes to sleep that we heard and watch on television about 130 Million victims of credit card owner was hacked by a famous employee that normally watch out for malicious hackers that turn out gave information to the other two(2) culprits conspired to him and mostly credit cards in 7/11 stores customers victimized. The said culprit had been into police custody now but the credit owners especially the customers of the said store I mentioned must check your credit card statement now and report if you have any doubt of it. Well, credit card companies has more of the loss than the owner but still owners got affected of the scene. Watch out! Bad peeps deserved to be punished!


  1. Me said...
    I did not heard that but I do agree with you that they deserve punishment!

    Holiday With Mama
    Dorothy L said...
    Yes Caicai...I saw that on Fox news...It reminded me of how I felt when my wallet was stolen.
    I feel sorry for the victims!
    It seems our world is getting more and more unsafe every day.
    Dana Telecom said...
    Punish the culprit with maximum punishment!
    Cecile said...
    haven't not heard about it, Cacai; thanks for sharing, now we need to be careful with.

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