April 27, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

OMG! That is only I can utter after watching the news last night about the deadly virus swine flu which attacks mostly in Mexico. Over a thousand already has been the cases in there and over hundred already died. It has been reported that closing of their schools, churches, museums, and other public recreation and educational places has been continued. Giving of masks to the community has been the work of their armies nowadays to prevent the spread and any individual who's been sick will then immediately runned to the nearest hospital and checking-out if such has it. If he/she has it, they automatically quarantine such individual to protect and keep one to spread the virus he/she has and of course giving a proper medication to recover the illness. Until now the virus is still on going to spread to every individual and the spreading can be obtained through the live swine to the person and hence to the other person, so swine (pig) + person + person to another but head of the health and Homeland Security here in America said it can't be obtained in the pork we ate - it's from live swine. However, in my own opinion I will better not to eat pork nowadays. I will just wait until the deadly virus will be cleared. To continue the report, from 7 cases as to what I wrote in here before, it is now increase up to 28 cases all over here in United States of America. Mostly students came from the spring field trip in Mexico has it, so originally it is from Mexico. Some of the schools also here in America closes particularly the school in New York who has a large number of students. Some countries in the world as well like Switzerland, Europe, and etc has also now this cases. The epidemic is spreading already, so be aware folks! This is not a small case because it threaten humankind and foreseen more will be if not be threatened well and stopped. For now, the concern and expert people are now in the process of stopping it. And I believe they can. We shall hope and pray. By the way, the past post I had written is here if you'd like to view it. Remember, be safety always. Health is wealth and life is too precious not to be aware of our surroundings!


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