March 19, 2013

When the holiday season starts, people tend to make a lot of excuses and pretend to be always hungry in order to try all the sumptuous dishes being served in the dining table. It is going to be an endless adventure of munching for the entire week. This is going to be fun but just imagine the amount of calories that you’ve been accumulating. You’ll just be surprised when you get to bond with the weighing scale when the season ends.

As much as possible, discipline yourself not to over eat during the entire season. It’s okay to taste everything but make sure that everything is in moderation. After all, when the summer season arrives, there is a need for you to shed off extra fats to be able to fit into your gorgeous bikinis. Do yourself a favor, if you could maintain your slim figure, much better. This isn’t just for looking sexy but for health purposes as well. Obese people are more prone to diseases compared to the physically fit ones.

"Health is wealth" , please remember that. 


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