August 31, 2012

Days ago I made one. A pound of big shrimps which was supposedly I was going to cook it half for stew and the other one as a soup "sinigang" or a sour soup with a dash of tamarind along with a chayote, scallions, ginger, lemon grass, tomato and a bell peppers (I use to colors, red and green to make it colorful). Yeah, it supposedly two viands but I only made one. Ha! I got tempted of pouring all the shrimps there as my taste ordered me to. Whew! What a yummy shrimps it was! And guess what made it yummier? --- It was because I was the only one who ate it all? And the answer is Yes, ha ha! Nope, I offered how many times to my husband and nearby friend but they always put it off and I always saw it when going to the kitchen or opening the refrigerator to which I surrendered on the nth times. And guess what, I ate it! Smile. :-)

You know you cannot put-off the sea foods kind of food in the ref for two days.

And I had a great meal! I will share a picture to you next time. Ooh wait, if I took a picture of it, I think I forgot it as I was excited of the shrimps soup I made. Whew! I just then want to tell, happy eating for the next! Wink.


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