September 28, 2012

Alright, everyone should really have to. What I mean with such phrase ("Hungry and I have to eat") is that I have to cook rice to eat with a viand. Mostly I can eat anything but rice since I have to wean-off my taste bud and my tummy. Smile. :-) But not for this time, seems like my tummy and my mouth demands rice. And so off, I went to get my rice cooker and boil water so in time that it already boiling, I can just put rice in. I can't wait. Whew! Is it really that hungry. Hmmmm..

Let me grab some apple for a while, whilst my rice cooker is doing its thing.

Yep, my viand is already ready. Only the rice that I have to wait for me to munch what my tummy desires. What a beautiful life!


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