May 17, 2012

I still can remember when I did my travel from here in US to Philippines (by birth country) two years ago and the travel from Philippines to here in US (about five years ago). That was whooping 16 hours or about travel with only one stop, in Manila and the other one is in Taiwan and Manila. You know the time difference of California and Philippines, it is 15 or 16 hours (depending if it is Pacific Daylight *15 hours* Time or, Pacific Standard Time *16 hours*). Now what is the effect? Jetlag! Yes, you read it right. Our eyes get used to the sleeping/night time and the day time on the other hand. Let say, it is daylight here in US and night time there in Philippines. Since our body clock cannot adopt easily to the time zone we often need some sleeping solution of that. Some tend to buy online or at drug store where sleeping aid is easily available just to get the eyes sleep when all of the people are sleeping. You know, we have to adopt to the surroundings too. :-)

Back to the days when it was my first day in the new time zone, it is very hard for me to sleep in their night time and wakes-up during daytime. That is hard, nope that's underestimate, it's very hard. When it comes to body clock, that is such a whew! I can't say more. I am not complaining though. :-)


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