March 04, 2010

When there are a lot of people and only a little work to do, what would be the scenario? It is an economic status to which the demand is high but the supply is low --- this is the status of world economy nowadays or perhaps there are just people who are lazy enough to work hard? Which is which? We cannot deny that having a decent job is what everyone wants to have. Some rock of the family prefers or agreed as advised just to stay at home for the house and partner need, and that is not bad. Being with where you are happy and with the family/love one is the most important thing in this world as long as the partner is good enough to provide the need of the family. Being a homemaker (either a father or mother) is also a job, a decent job for a family. But when speaking about job itself, it means outside the home. Well, there are many jobs out there as long as you are working hard to find it and you have the skill to show then one is good to go with it. Often, we are looking for a job mogul to address what we are looking for. Good luck then with job hunting folks! I hope you all the best... :-)


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