September 07, 2011

It was not a plan to visit my friend, Te Claudia's home. She invited me in the nick of time. I was about to take a dream plunge, ooh yeah, going sleep after changing bed sheets and making bed and some household chores when the phone rang. Oops! She called. Yours truly actually received a text message before that but was not able to reply. I prefer call than text. Wink. Then back to the call thing, yep, we had a conversation which tempted me to walk going to her house. Her conversation food temptation was effective. Ha ha! That was why I dragged myself walking there. The good thing is her place is not that far from mine. And so I was there, we ate steamed mixed vegetables, some beef, cake, piniato and other stuffs. We had karaoke too while trying to reach our other two friends nearby but Preciel cannot make it and we understand. She and her family got sick. Sad. We hope she and her family will be alright very soon. Our other friend was able to come after trying to reach her phone numbers. Dorie, who happened to celebrate her birthday today was with us which was great. I have to great her once  more now, " happy many more birthdays to come Dor! " and more graces ahead! All in all, we had. Te Claudine and her DH dropped me by at home which am thankful of. It was a fun friends journey day!


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