September 02, 2011

Where will be a boyfriend-girlfriend relationship go? As they journey each other from dating unto that relationship, they would surely go into higher level if they are serious with each other. Well, it will just be into wedding, right? But before that, there must be first an engagement. Well, mostly has an engagement party first but some prefer not, but of course it is great to have one. There would be an engagement party or not, but an engagement rings like titanium rings is a must for a thoughtful and lovable one. A girlfriend would surely appreciate her boyfriend's thoughtfulness and an idea, who wouldn't? Well, unless if a girl is not serious but then, that's out of the picture, since we are talking here about a serious relationship.

Since a man and a woman (as gf-bf) already engaged and here comes soon enough the big day, wedding day soon, the guy already prepared their wedding rings just like an amazing tungsten rings prior to such. Two rings, is very much important during these celebrations. It symbolizes the event, the very moment they already are  one. Without it, the essence of engagement and marriage lost. So, that very first day or such an event it should have to be present. Ooh well, I never heard of an event without it especially if it has a party. Don't you think?


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