September 01, 2011

It is usually a saying or a song quote of "Wake Me Up When September Ends" but mine is with a twist, and it is "Wake Me Up When September Begins" ! Yay! Only one word differ. He he! But then yep, that is what I am feeling now. It is already September, I just woke-up and thanks for patting my shoulder that it's already September. Hep! ;-) Today is the first day of September and officially a "ber" month already starts. To refresh, how many consecutive "ber" in a year??? Okay, September, October, November and December! So four! Soon enough it will be Christmas. Should you like to have a countdown to a happiest occasion (Christmas) of the year?

And more should I have to get excited during this first month journey of "ber" month? You bet! I will going to deliver my beloved Sarah Ann in this month midst. Hopefully, there's nothing complications and alike. Please join me in my prayer. Thanks in advance. 

What about you, how's your first day of "ber" month? I hope you are doing well. ~hugs&kisses~


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