September 02, 2011

I was hungry. I intent to sleep rather than eat. But am fine. No worries, everything's alright of me and my baby-in-my-tummy. Then I felt the need to eat already, yes, that was lately. I am already full right now. Thanks goodness. He he! " What to eat? " , was what in my mind. I have foods but I don't like it. In the nick of time, I thought of fresh " pancit " (noodles) and the thick pork chop stacked ready to cook. I already defrost it as I thought of cooking it anytime. And then I did. It was ten o'clock p.m. And I was done about 30 minutes. Aside from a plastic pouch of  fresh " pancit " I had and the pork chop, I also included cabbage and carrots along with an orange and green color bell peppers, onion, garlic, dash of black pepper, cooking oil and water (I like it soup-y) to complete my menu for the night. Now you do the cooking imagination. I will share it to you should you like. But I guess this is just an easy recipe for you so I do not mind of sharing. Should you like, I'll share it with you.

All in all, I had a yummy dinner. The bonus is, DH ate too (he seldom eat cooked noodles or pancit). And so I was a happy kitchen camper. Now am hungry again. Ha ha! :-)


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