August 16, 2011

When we have our travel journey, we always have to have a bag for the things we want along the way. Usually it is for basic needs, however it could also contain our wants depending upon what we really want to bring if it is not much speaking of weight. There are many kinds of bag but often we use the trolley ones for our luggage when it comes to a far journey. For the little and important needs or if we are just commuting, going to the market, to a friend's house, strolling and alike, we then like to have a messenger bag since it is just an easy-peachy piece to tag along in our body. We just have to put or hang it up and that is it! Easy to get what we need just like coins, fare, ticket or even girl stuffs like face powder and such. And we can guarantee it is place in safe because we can see it most of the time as it is place in front not in the side or back.
I used to carry carry messenger bag when traveling. It is convenient for me. I am eye-ing of a messenger bag made in San Francisco, CA here in USA. As what I knew it is hand-made. This made me save for it for future travel. Wish me luck for my savings journey. I hope, it would be too soon to get it. :-) Speaking of San Francisco, I can think of a new good friend of mine living in there. She wants to let her know when am in town. Hoping to see her one day. Ah, I got really fascinated with that rickshaw bag made in there huh!


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