August 16, 2011

Which do you prefer on the two, electric or gas stove?

When it comes to my kitchen journey, it does not matter to me what preferences of stove do I have as long as it is a working stove. Ha! But oops! I just did not realize (or because it is my first time, *naive huh!*) after my first time to use a non-lighting electric stove that I do love the gas stove or the visibly seen fired-stove. It seems to me like I am cooking in a ghost stove. Ha! Yes, am serious. Thought there is an intended little hole which is enough to see the light if stove is in use (you have to intentionally have to see it though), still am not comfortable if it is already up and running. I still have to put my hand over a particular area of pan rack where I have to cook to check if it is heated up to make sure it is active. I like that better than looking up in the peephole. *grin* 

Sometimes, I forgot to turn it off when it is in low state (thanks goodness it is just in low state but still it is not safe aside from bucks wasted because I have not cooked anything. When it comes to monetary value, using electric is pricey than using gas. So speaking of saving, DH and I prefer using gas. However, by using electric stove, it has its great perk. And that is fast in cooking. You just have to put the arrow to high and at one snap, it already boiled. So which is which?


  1. Anonymous said...
    Gas :-)
    Cacai M. said...
    Thanks for your input The Old Geezer. We both have the same preference. :-)
    Cielo of Brown Pinay said...
    I prefer gas sis, since mas prone sa fire ang electricity....I remember when I was still a teen ito yuung nga trigger ng neighborhood fire .

    Been here from Filipina Bloggers United (FBU)

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