July 19, 2011

This picture was taken by my friend, Analou's husband. Thanks by the way for this image as I can share it to you the pigged-out we had in my friend Chelle's house last July 10th. Sure, it is great to have a whole roasted pig (Filipino party specialty and one of the important foods in every occasion when talking about Pinoy party) on the table together with the other foods (of course). Before, I really thought I could never eat this food anymore. Well, until I found my friends. It is really a good journey when precious friend are there along the way, isn't it? Knowing that my place is more of a Chinese community that's why I thought of such but then social network, telecommunication and Internet does miracle unlike the ole days. After that time, I was not able to do my do-it-your own other cooking recipe than pork as the main ingredient because I have the roasted pork "bring-home" to which I cooked through vinegar and soy sauce together with spices like garlic, black pepper leaf, black pepper seeds (to which DH don't like me to put unto it when it is whole, it is hassle for him to get it, *grin* . If it is crushed black pepper seeds, it's fine) and a little of water. Remember not to mix the laddle mix the ingredients when putting up vinegar, not until the vinegar already boiled. I got this tip from Panlasang Pinoy website and it works for me. My friend Chona by the way told me the easy way how to cook "paksiw" or the vinegar and soy sauce recipe. Thanks to Chelle for inviting me and to all the good friends as well as new friends. :-)
Can you guess where am I there? And what recipe is  missing above (look from the first pic *wink*)? I cooked spaghetti by the way for my potluck. Everyone had a happy pigged-out!


  1. Chie_Wilks said...
    aw, daming foodies and they all look yummy.. You are the one in brown dress sis or brown ba na? Hinay2x lng sa pig out ha.
    Cacai M. said...
    Oo sis kanang nkatunga ako na^.. hehe! Maau jud ka manan-aw sis bah.. dli na jud ko mawala sa imong panan-aw.. :-D Thanks a lot sis for recognizing me.. muahhh!

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