July 18, 2011

I can still remember way back when we still don't have electricity. We used to have lamp with kerosene to have light and of course flash light when it is windy or we have long way to go or went to store at night. In time that we already have electricity, still flashlight is still on us, in case of emergency or brown-out/black-out and in places where electricity light can't go beyond. Am not sure what brand it is. We're such thankful of this stuff because it helps a lot on our everyday journey during night time. We sure don't want to step-on something stinky or snake, don't we? :-) This is such a great technology and much helpful for us. Pat yourself on the back for being prepared!

What about you, how do you like to still have flashlight at your home? For me as you can see, I definitely like it.


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