July 18, 2011

Yep, I am busy nowadays. Even pregnant does household works. Well, it is part of being a homemaker. A journey of being a housewife. Actually, it is not a force-able task. Meaning, you will do it or not, it's up to me or any other homemaker out there. DH has no say about such. It is just that it is really my responsibility. And I don't want to have a lot of backlogs or complicated house works in the future. After all, it is me who is oblige unto it. It is a good exercise for me anyway. I just have to make sure it won't harm the baby-on-my-tummy. Ah, a journey of a mom-to-be. :-) Isn't it challenging? Who says my life is boring! Ha! Alright, I like it that way. Just don't want to embrace of being a stressful wife. Eh?! And so I have to do the washing of clothes. Washing clothes is not an easy one for me nowadays. It would only become easy when it is only few but I don't like washing only few. Ha ha! Oops! But then, I can manage. Coming-baby's clothes and other stuffs should have to wash early too and my hospital stuffs to bring. Then I have finalize the things to bring, arrange and all that and this. Nah, am loving it! Just a bit running with the time. So glad, I have the courage to get rid of the stereotype way that "pregnant woman should not have to do" of this and that because it's not good. As long as I am not stressing myself and lifting too much of a pregnant woman can do, that will be fine. I don't want to be idle you know.


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