May 01, 2011

It has been long time I ate ready-to-cook bean thread in a pack as it label's as " pancit canton " with eggs or dried fish. Lately, not with eggs or with dried fish but with tender juicy " swift " mini pork hotdogs! I wasn't able to take a pic. I was hungry and ready to indulge my breakfast with a little rice. Oops, did I say two packs of "pancit canton" ? Yes! Okay, I did not ate it all. I reserved some for few hours. :-D I was full and contented. A little more of full but that's fine. I can handle my little tummy. Hehhehheh! Yesterday, was dried fish and noodles in a pack. Just one pack of beef noodles and a three-fourth of a "bisugo" dried fish. Of course with vinegar  (and a little water on the vinegar) in partner of the dried fish just to get rid of salty taste. Salty isn't good for pregnant woman like me.  I was used with that style of vinegar with water to pair with dried fish anyway. Okay, no tomatoes, I used to have it with such but that's fine. Indeed, I had an awesome breakfast! I still have two dozens of "pancit canton" and a box of beef noodles! Would you want some? ;-)


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