May 28, 2011

Often I can see blinds to put-up in windows. Well, it is great because anytime we want to replace it, we can, and that is because it is not an expensive one. Only, it takes an effort to pull it off and have to replace it time to time. Unlike plantation shutters that it will leave on its place for long time. And besides of its sturdiness, it does not need an effort to and extra time on replacing it as it is because as I said, its life span takes longer than blinds or alike.We just have to clean it, repaint or anything to beautify for a period. 

What about you, which do you like? And how do you like it? Ah, the journey of a family in their abode. Have fun (as always)!

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  1. Jona said...
    Broccoli is one of my fave. I like it steam and not overly cook.You have a nice blog.... I hope you don't mind if I follow your log...

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