March 06, 2011

Thirty minutes ago (is watching Lakers versus Spurs at latter's home court currently), a game of Chicago Bulls over Miami Heat ended for this day game with the score of 87-86. We knew Miami Heat is a hit in East, in fact it's the #2 or #3 in position, Celtics is the first who got a lot of win of less loss. I thought Miami won since such team is leading much in first quarter and its lead is up to third quarter but in fourth quarter, Bulls got a lead and only of such quarter, fortunately Heat did not get a chance to shot the ball at the very last second or else, the latter won. And now you got the hint that only one point is the difference. What a score, really! Oops, what a game! I cheered for Bulls since Heat has got a lot of win and there's a great possibility that it would partner to Lakers (to which the latter is only at the third place of West which got a lot of win, am a Lakers fan you know.. he he!) And also because Bulls is underdog, tsk! Am just happy won (that despite of the crawling points they have)!

Are you Bulls fan? Then cheers! :-) Sorry Heat fans but better luck next time.

Have a great Sunday!


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