February 07, 2011

 Hello everyone, its Monday once again. Manic Monday time, eh? Time to move our asses off. Ha! It is workday again to those who work. Good luck to the hard working ones or the work people. This time, am sharing of one of the blues in my table. The blue pens , blue writing on a scotch holder and on the big pen and shades of blue in a not-so-visible air freshener which is located above the bluish-purple plastic flower . Much blue in an image above, eh? To see is to believe. Ha! 
Such ones are just few of the blue stuffs which can be found on my table. Just sharing. You can also share should you like, well, it's better. :) Do you love color blue? And how do you like it?

Thanks by the way to Smiling Sally for hosting this awesomely Blue Monday meme. Happy Monday everyone!

  Smiling Sally


  1. Jingle said...
    love the blur pen..

    Happy Blue Monday.
    SmilingSally said...
    Thanks for sharing your blues.

    Happy Blue Monday, Cacai.
    SmilingSally said...
    Thanks for sharing your blues.

    Happy Blue Monday, Cacai.
    anne said...
    cute ng office table mo hehehe, parang workaholic na workaholica ka talaga ah hehehe
    Marie said...
    Happy Blue Monday! I enjoyed my visit to your blog and I'm following now :-)
    Dhemz said...
    pagkadaghan sa blue akong nakit-an...eehhehe!

    agi ko dire madam sis...musta na ang future mom?! hope all is well...hop sako sa uban blogs nimo.
    sHeNgKaY said...
    wow! that lots of blue cacai..

    happy BM!

    heres mine..

    chubskulit said...
    Nice one pretty sis.

    My Blue Monday Post, please come by anytime.
    Eric Graham Review said...
    You really like blue pens Cacai. In my desk I also have lots of pens with different colors. Some of them are use for highlighting but mostly are for business purposes.
    Mary said...
    Your post is perfect for Blue Monday. I hope you had a wonderful day and will enjoy the week to come. Blessings...Mary
    melandria said...
    really nice. you have lots of blue ballpen. Thanks for visiting.

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