January 17, 2011

  Smiling Sally

This is my first time of this year participating a post which contains blue or Smiling Sally's Blue Monday meme. How I love posting memes but due to some important ones that have to be prioritized first, it is just now that I have my "come back" post. And so now, here's my first entry for this year (which it was being taken last October 20th the other year): 

Those are three blue cars and the blue curtains in front of the apartment complex. You might wonder where is this, well, this was in front of where Cacai_Nad lives. It is in front of the apartment complex to where DH rented. I was the one who made that shot through my cellphone, such time the time I went up downstairs into the mailbox to get the mails. It was raining though blue colors are still visible! Happy Blue Monday!


  1. SmilingSally said...
    Good shot.

    Happy Blue Monday, Cacai.
    nannykim said...
    Pretty amazing to have 3 blue cars in a row!
    Joan said...
    Happy Blue Monday and thanks for stopping by my blog today. One of my first cars was blue...loved it.
    Dhemz said...
    agoy nag linya ang mga blue cars...asa man inyo ani madam sis? hehehhee....labay ko dire kadali...salamat sa visit!
    Mel Avila Alarilla said...
    Fantastic blue cars as your entry for Monday Blues meme. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.
    shydub said...
    Late na kaayo ko sa BM diri karya, naunsa nga naluya mn ko aning bloghop uy. not feeling well

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