September 08, 2010

Fall Season is fast approaching. Actually United States autumn date will be this coming September 22nd or Wednesday (as I have seen it from a reliable source). And so cold season then is kicking off. Then snow time after autumn, Winter Season will then come. Are you excited? For most people I know, they are (including me) happy to have this autumn coming. But for the winter time, most also are worried of the snow storms which southern and eastern US places would be more affected. On the other hand, folks also are excited to see piles of snows especially to those places which it cannot be seen. Well, for vacation time, winter fun that is. Those afraid of piles of snows on the road can have its solution through putting up tire chains on their cars to avoid stuck-up which will eventually could lead to an accident (God forbid!) .

Many folks also call this stuff as snow chains as to protect against snow tragedies. I can remember of a Sunday TV program entitled "I Shouldn't Be Alive" to which just of the same instances about putting up a gear for protection. The only difference is that in a movie, it is life jacket as they are riding a chopper heading towards a direction where they passed-through a long body of seawater, so life jacket is a must (aside of a parachute). And because of a circumstance that cannot be avoided, the chopper bummed apparently an accident. In short, the chopper destroyed and they ended in a deep-stormy dark (it's night time) seawater. By the way, such life jacket they prepared and used is a cheap one, not so good enough for a circumstance beyond human imagination which almost drowned the father. Now, I have mentioned the difference of the two setting but how about its similarities? The character who told if not because of the other stuff which helped the almost drowned person, perhaps their father already drowned. So when you will go to areas like that, be sure to have better (if not best) quality stuffs like life jacket, snow/tire chains and alike! Don't you think? If you plan to have an outdoor moment with your love ones, family or friends for this coming cold/winter season, you may like to check out Easy Trekking for that. As it has been said, Easy Trekking provides "Pewag brand" of snow/tire chains which are nickel manganese that are mostly made in Austria with assembly did in Austria, Czech, and USA.

The journey of thousand miles going through snow fan, begins with the use of snow chains. :-) Enjoy then!


  1. Mel Avila Alarilla said...
    Yes, it pays to wear the right stuff for the right season of the year. Having snow chains in our vehicles assure us of safety when riding through the snow. We must always practice extreme caution and vigilance in everything we do to avoid unnecessary delays and accidents. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.
    Rebecca Miller said...
    Hello Kuya Mel, it is indeed!
    Dhemz said...
    woi madam sis ganahan ko sa imong profile pic...latest bana sya? fall na lagi diha...dire tawon kay hastang inita paman pero mag ulan usahay...nya wapa man changes sa miss nako ang cali...ehehehe!

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