May 01, 2010

Have you ever encounter a joint pain in your life? I mean, most folks said that joint pain are just for oldies, even my folks told me that am not entitled for joint paint because I am still young but that is really the reason? Does young ones won't experience joint pains? Well, sometimes as of my current age (above 28 yrs old), sometimes I could feel it especially if am too much of sitting position. Am thinking of joint pain supplements as its solution. It doesn't affect me that much because it only occurs sometimes but hoping (with a thorough understanding) that it would help but yeah, sensitive oldies who have health problem like this, a solution is a must in their journey.


  1. caloy said...
    i hate to admit but sometimes I do experience joint paint, especially when I had a long day at work..
    analou said...
    I am not an exception to this Baje even though I am still young...Hahahahhaa. Ambot ba nga I have a lot of pain nga gibati akong likod, kamot, tiyan, tiil.....Tanan sakit......Cguro it is a sign that I am almost not in a calendar age anymore...(lol).

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