April 12, 2010

One thing also am excited about Monday is having a blue Monday hunting of blue stuffs.. Though it is a bit of work to spot the blue ones but it is fun to do, so am participating! :) Well, as I said am not that so fond of color blue but I cannot also deny that there is something in it that makes me feel great, I mean look at that blue bird don't you not like to chase with it? With its beautiful color blue, you will be enticed to look at it even just a minute. :) Wow.. the feeling is not blue but rather a happy and gay! :) Today, I just spotted a blue small plastic on the table containing my hair clips besides my computer. Aside from my hair ties (which is in another plastic) and hair stuffs in the bedroom, I also have this on my PC table so anytime I want to get a clip or anything it is just within reach.

blue plastic containing my hair clips

I also have this blue bowl and a blue cup below. This blue small bowl used to be a carrying holder of the bc pills I am taking in everyday and constantly put in our table and refrigerator so it is easy to spot on so I won't forget the pills am taking in.

small blue bowl and a blue cup

Would you also like to share color blue that you could spot on now? Tell us about it.. :) Happy Blue Monday! Head on to Blue Monday meme for more blue colors. Enjoy blue hunting...


  1. SmilingSally said...
    Blue is everywhere. Happy Blue Monday.
    Cacai M. said...
    Thanks Sally.. yeah, blue is everywhere! :)

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