April 12, 2010

I and my DH lives currently in an apartment and if there's a problem regarding the fixtures, we need to call the landlord first and if found out that it's our fault, then we have to shoulder the amount incurred by plumbers or any other stuffs broken that they repaired. Until this time (though it is not that so-problem now, it just have its time sometimes), our toilet have a problem of non-stop drawing waters from the toilet {Sorry this may sound absurd, gross or whatever you feel if you felt that way, but anyway it is just the word toilet and there's nothing else it may feel gross}. If only the landlord or the administration have modern toilets like Toto toilets or other cool toilets, perhaps we won't experience this way. Anyway, if the problem continues and arises that we can't handle it, we will surely call the landlord and let the plumber do the its thing. Toilets are very important so it need a good quality one. I cannot say that this isn't such a quality one but there's really a difference. We still keeps on going since it is not acting up for quiet how many days already and thanks God for that or else there's a possibility that DH will shield his bucks again. :( So then, be sure to have a quality bathroom fixtures like toilet and such. :)


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