April 19, 2010

With today's living, there are many folks who are already working at-home and earns just like folks who are working outside or in a traditional office and some even earns more than. Well, I can never tell that working at-home is the best but I cannot also tell that it is worst because it depends upon what work one is having. I am not one of those folks but I am a bit earning as well, but just a little. Ooh well, I can never complain because I am a just a plain housewife who's work is to take care of my husband and our home. :-) To those who are earning well and have their work as just like an employee who works in a traditional office, having their office furniture is a must (if you want your work to have a serious workplace), after all it is one of their expenses of their business or the business of their boss, it can be just enough of what they can afford or depends upon what business they have. Office furniture like below is such cute when you have a good space in your house and a fix place, with that you would not need to worry for transfer seeing that it weighs a large of pounds. Yeah, it is pretty.

wooden office furniture (photo courtesy of an office furniture website)

What do you think? Is it cool or what.. :-) It is also great for just an study table or really, cool for a work-at-home job in your own house. A simple cute computer movable computer table below catches my eyes too.

computer table

This cute computer table is good because it is easy to move everywhere you want to put as in the case that you like to have a different shape of an area you are in. A person who likes to change its workplace is great to have this. Well, this kind of stuff is what I like before and what DH likes for me too but since I can't find like this, I was tempted to bought what I have right now. The problem is when we will move to other place, it is hard to bring this on unless it is just so close. It is kind of heavy. :-( Though I like what I have now but the cons seem like over the one above. Ooh well, I love my computer table now (this has a sentimental value), I hope I can bring this wherever we will transfer soon. :-( So then, good luck to me.. :-)


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