April 19, 2010

Well, I could say that there are folks who have sheriff their homes to turn it to the new owner, banks. Yeah, banks foreclosures are rampant nowadays and there are folks who now homeless in a short period of time unless folks who are just lazy to find home and livelihood to which they are just contented of being homeless of their entire life. Alright, enough with it, I just hope those unfortunate ones can find their right of way before it's too late. And back to homes, I guess considering of buying some used motor homes are smart way because it is inexpensive and they can also can use their motor-homes in getting stuffs in the market or something like that because it has a motor, isn't it? :-) Though, it is not that very much possible just like a normal car but since it has a motor and it is not that very big just like a trucking truck, it is very much possible and you can bring your home anywhere you want to go, no need of a hotel. Yeah, there are cons but when it is just what your pocket can afford, why not! It is as pretty as a fix house. Or if not as a home, it could be a vehicle for a road trip, a luxury vehicle (for summer/winter fun) as in it can make as a vehicle at the same time a hotel (as I said earlier). :-) Enjoy..


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