March 05, 2010

Do you know about herpes simplex folks? How far do you know about this? I am no expert about this but as far as my knowledge reach, this is a transmitted disease, an std particularly. If you are mature enough, you may know what am talking about. I do not want to elaborate std further, I expect you know.. if not then perhaps have some research about it. Back to herpes, as I knew both men and women are prone to this kind of disease and seems like if you will not do anything about this, it will hurt you more when an outbreak occur. If you did not feel anything and no outbreak as knowing that you did not mind it, you may not know it that for the meantime it is dormant and will move anytime it want and will cause your health in problem. That is all I know, I may dig more and research in the long run. For now, can I ask you of how far did you know about this disease?


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