January 11, 2010

posted by: Cacai M.

Monday! It's typical workers' first day today, it's also typical Musical Monday entry memory. For now, I gonna feature a "Happy Birthday" song in advance honor of some special persons of my life who will celebrate next week. First is my husband dear, then my father on the 16th, my mother on the 22nd, and my "gone" step grandmother (who raised me) on the 18th. I put it on the last because I believe the birthday of the "gone" will be changed to their death anniversary. So instead I celebrating her birthday on his actual birthdate, I (we---her family) am celebrating it on 18th. So, I include her in here. Birthday is so special to me, so I am greeting them in advance (though I presume they're not a regular reader on this journal or perhaps won't read this)---this is to acknowlege and salute who the kind of people they are to me. This is just words but appear to be very significant to me. You are dear and love! So here's the song for you... I don't care if you call me dramatic. Sometimes it needs like this to show appreciation. Here it is from me (through the singer Beyonce) is singing:
music video in courtesy of YouTube
Fore more of my MM entry, it's in here . Enjoy and happy viewing...
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  1. Leigh said...
    Good pick! Happy Birthday to all your relatives that have birthdays coming up! Happy MM!
    Mama Ko said...
    Its not my birthday yet tsang hehehe just kidding. Happy Birthday! by beyonce lol.
    Cacai M. said...
    Thank you Leight.. Happy MM too!

    Tsang, funny jud ka Tsang.. how have you been?
    GAGAY said...
    ate cai, happy MM!

    nga pala te, I just moved to my new domain; from pinoymedicaldoctor.blogspot.com to www.pinoy-md.com..you can read my blog post here..and up for now, i am updating also my blogroll..hopin' you'd change my URL into my new domain..thankie thankie!!! :)

    aside from this, mind exlinking with my news/media blog?just ping me if ok..ill be back!!! :)

    Walking Newspaper
    Pinoy Medical Doctor
    The Latest Buzzzz
    GAGAY said...
    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
    kathy said...
    Gnahan bya ko aning kantaha sis.. Magkanta-kanta man ko dri bisa'g yabag... Mao nang ingon nila nga keebz sa gapaminaw.. hahahha



    David Funk said...
    Great pic, and anything with Beyonce in it has to be good. Although her singing happy birthday to me is very touching. Thanks Beyonce! LOL! Only kidding!

    Happy Birthday to your relatives my very dear friend!
    GAGAY said...
    te cai, what was that again you have asked me?i forgot..soweeeee!

    Walking Newspaper
    Pinoy Medical Doctor
    The Latest Buzzzz

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