April 06, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

This is a group of bloggers in which are fond of listening music and mostly too likes to sing-along. I am a member of this group two weeks ago already and I just like to thank the group moderator LJL for accepting me. If you wanna join guys just follow the directions on the Music Monday post embedded below the specific entry of such member. Or you may click the Mu sic Monday logo and be directed to the certain site of the moderator in which you can gain ideas how to. It's just easy to join, just be sure to put your post link on the URL posted not the blog URL or else your site will be deleted or mostly directed to not specific one. Also, BE SURE LJL's post or code is current, do check it or else your post is no sense at all. So then, have fun folks and may you like to join and being song fanatic which is good. For me, music keeps me alive. The next posts will be my next entries. Have fun everyone!



  1. Dhemz said...
    mahilig ka man jud diay sa music madam sis ano....hehhehe..thanks for sharing!
    Cacai M. said...
    Thank you Madam sis Dhemz.. yep, I love music so much and I sing whenever I can jive and I know the tone and lyrics heheh.. Thanks for dropping-by Madam sis.. muahhhugs
    GAGAY said...
    hola te cai! ayyyyyyy..nawala ang js kit mo!?!? baket!?!?
    Jacob and Michelle said...
    pwede join ko sa music mondy nyo?

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