January 14, 2010

posted by: Cacai M.

Hello everyone, how is everything there? Have fared well? I hope everything's okay..

Alright folks, we haven't seen for two days because of my annoying blackheads on nose and some offline chores. Have you also experience such annoying blackheads? I just can't understand why we have (husband and I) to experience this huh. I have a sensitive skin (I guess most of us) especially on my face and whenever it's too cold and hot I would put moisturizing cream so it won't create dryness or sunburn. And now this blackheads, is my problem on how to treat this. It's like pimples that it's tempting to touch whenever irritates. And yeah, it looks a little dirty and I don't like it aside from the itchy thing it creates on its part. Hemmm..


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