August 20, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

I would like to thank my MamiLu of Bitz and Pieces for tagging me this one. The theme is how blogging is to you?

Well, for me blogging is a way of socializing, sharing my random thoughts in a way to post articles and informational, interesting stuffs and ideas. It is also a way to increase my sense of being an individual, giving and sharing to others. So here we go, a tag couldn't be without rule, so here it is:

1. Try to make a post just like this one and mention this process.

2. From the list of blog sites below remove the number 1 and move the rest in the list 1 step higher (i. e number 2 becomes number 1, and so on). Add your blog name in the 5th position. Don't forget to copy the links. (Here's my list-my site added in the end)

  1. Make or Break
  2. The Mommy Journey
  3. Simple Happy Life
  4. Bitz 'n Pieces of My Life
  5. Cacai's Steps and Journey

3. List at most five of your friends blogsite here with link and inform them of this post and ask them to do the same.

I would like to pass this tag to: (1)T houghts, Ideas, and Resources , (2) Cacai M.'s Place , to (3)Analou of Me and My Dog, (4) Chuchie of Chuchie's Hideaway , and to (5)Hope of Thoughts in Daily Living . Have a nice day!


  1. KunthanRaj said...
    hi buddy nice cool blog keep up the great work...have a blow...:)

    check mine and ping ur comments..

    Total NonSense
    Analou and Bones said...
    Hello Baje. Thanks for this tag. I just posted it now. How are you today? By the way, I changed the header and title of my blog. Enjoy your day my friend and let's prepare our golden voice for the baby shower. Maybe AUrelyn will allow us to use their magic sing again.

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