August 19, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.
When it comes to the word "Swiss" or Switzerland, it always pops-up first on my mind about nature and milk. It is nature because the surroundings are green. It is also milk because one of the first leading provider of milk(whether in can, carton, plastic) is this country. And that made me realized that Switzerland is one of the most Environmentally friendly countries in the world after Columbia and Yale Universities, the world's countries evaluator when it comes to criteria concerning the environment, air pollution, richness of species, handling of natural resources and climate change. Switzerland is the number one. According to my source, a decisive factor for this excellent result is the wastewater system, the high water quality and the excellent traffic system. About the emission of greenhouse gases, Switzerland has the most efficient economy. Switzerland takes a tough stance on pollution and introduced revolutionary Legislation that would help reduce the amount of pollution. Switzerland also pays fees for their water and waste management services as well as environmental taxes which promote personal responsibility.

Apparently, I would love to go to sustainable Switzerland (with my hubby) to enjoy its green environment and the fresh air, clean waters everywhere. That would be a paradise! The fresh and green-friendly hotels and resorts that await us to stay ooh I hope it would be very soon. I would love to stay in mountainous area wherein hubby and me would enjoy the silent environment with a great ambiance and will have to enjoy watching the nature trail, birds chirping, and the clean body of water which we can swim and enjoy without any crowded peeps. Drinking water anywhere in the area. We would love also to enjoy biking and try its sustainability railroad ride of which at every 12 minutes train will come and go making us not to worry who will be the driver and the gas saving making it green everyday. We would love also to see Europe's first residential building whose energy consumption is entirely met by solar energy since 1989 which until now running without any problem. And there are still more lots to do to roam around the Green Wonderland, biking together and enjoying the abundance of organic products to taste, and more. It would be a great vacation. I hope it will be soon.


  1. Analou and Bones said...
    Yes my friend, I heard it too that Switzerland is a nice place to live but they also said, it is very expensive there (I am not sure about this). Me and hubby love nature and I think this would be a perfect place for us to visit someday.
    shydub said...
    Ka swerti mo inday cacai kuha ka ug swiss sge, ako wa jd ko tagae ani intawn. unsa mni nga category ba aron akong kawaton didto. tuplokers ko sa gawas inday.
    Bill said...
    that looks like a very nice place my friend but way to cold for me LOL. Have a great one :-)
    moonzkie said...
    wow.. makes me wanna go there too.. lol

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