August 12, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

This is somewhat like a follow-up of my last post which is below. Yesterday was not a good day for me-- I got headache and can't think of something . I wanted to push it hard but can't. I just get some sleep and decided not to took anything--just purely sleep and more food. Sometimes I forgot to eat one meal a day.. ngarrr.. haven't mentioned not so enough sleep. I know it's not good but it's that way sometimes.. Some things need to be finished so that one will have a little something. Sometimes it's just the way it is. Hubby will surely got mad(haven't seen him mad) because he always said to take good care of my health-- he is also a believer of the quote "Health is Wealth" and perhaps you too. I guess it's a general motto? Anyway, thank you friends for the uplifting message and some. Thanks a lot. Am not yet so okay but I need to be online and do something. So, don't worry everything(my health) is under control now(optimistically thinking). I will take some excedrin later after eating. Thanks for the thoughts.


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