August 12, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Am not yet a mommy but I hope it will be one day with God's permit. Time will just tell (I don't regret without having yet at this time though). GOD is good and HE will provide what is good for us, right? So I don't worry about it. Ooh yeah I agree it is a very nice feeling to be a mom provided you are ready for it. Anyway, this is not about being ready or not. This is about parenting forum . I saw a post of one of my blogger friend(a mom) that she needs someone to talk to about parenting skills . About how to handle her child from potty training, sleeping, behavior, time out, tantrums, free reward charts, eating and recipes, family life, school, bath time, and etc.. blah blah.. One thing also she wants is parenting advice from expert and communication between mommies or carers. Good thing I found such website and I can share it to her. This is also helpful to wife who just become a first mom or to a single mom. Handling a family and a child is such a fulfilling, tiring, and exciting at the same time. Babies are angels so they need to be nurtured and care while they are still young so they will become a fruitful person one day and that is her(mom) motto. Have fun being a mom!


  1. Ms.Christy said...
    Hey- Jo Frost (supernanny) has her own website where she answers questions and is :)
    Cacai M. said...
    Hi Ms. Christy, that's great to know about Jo Frost's site.. it is helpful to the moms out there! thanks for the other info and for coming here.. have fun being a mom! hugs!

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