April 16, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

I haven't heard much about buy.com until I heard of sale and free shipping charges. I know most wives are frugal especially nowadays that economy is experiencing difficulty that we need to be thrift enough of everything. But hey, being thrifty is far from stingy huh? It's just that we need it or even just as we want it but who don't want stuffs of good quality be as the same to the expensive ones? I admit I am of that quality, when I shop, I have to window shop first of 2 to 4 items of different brands and compare it - the quality and the price- and usually it spends me lots of time just to buy few items (lol). My husband complains mostly when we're together buying stuffs because it takes hour to just buy 2 items (lol) but the point is of the quality and quantity! And this is what I saw in buy.com shopping website. They have Today's Deals and Weekly Advertised Deals. You can always look at it what's their sale for the specific time. Well, I know every shopping website has their sale but try to look at this website too and compare so you can have a big deal folks and saves good, okey? I know you are good enough about shopping online so, I let you do the rest for the decision is at the price, right? Have fun shopping folks! muahhh!

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  1. gaga&gaga said...
    lol, even Gaga is also complaining every time we go shopping, lol. :)

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