April 16, 2009

Yay! Birthday? Is anyone here don't know the simple meaning of birthday? Nope, I didn't post this just to say or discuss what a birthday is because I know even just a young kid or a child knows what a birthday is. I mean when someone say about birthday it's about surprises, foods, goodies, candle-lighting at the church to say a some prayers - thankful of the day that God gives that it lasts to that time, right? And am loving it! (~_~)
Birthday is also called a natal day meaning in commemoration of the day that we were born. Some don't like to celebrate it to avoid remembering that they're old enough and some just don't use to celebrate it. Well, am just having this reminiscing and looking forward of my birthday at the first week of May. I know am not used to celebrate my birthday mostly with a lot of foods but I do goes to church always. Am just excited because since hubby and I into our relationship, he always have something for me and am looking forward of it. heheheh.. And I know some friends surprises me too. (~_~) I suppose to post the Birthday Wish Tag for today but I changed my mine, I'll just post it on weekend together with the other tags and awards to be just with all because first come, first serve (~_~). I love all of it that's why I wanted to post it in "lump-sum" term. So then, hemmm.. (~_~) yeah, happy birthday to me in advance.. heheheh.. Lab yah all! muahhhugs..

Thank You FIRST COMMENTER : Janice


  1. Janice said...
    EYYY!!! Advance Happy Birthday to you, Cacai!!! *hugs!*

    Here's wishing you more happiness, more love, more success and more of everything! :) May God bless you with all your heart's desires... mwah!

    Chuchie Lopez-Wilks said...
    Wow sis..hapit na diay imong b-day bash. THat's one thing I like of being married kay ang hubby daghan surprises ans surprizes for birthday shopping...love it
    Dhemz said...
    woi when man diay imo bday bash madam sis? invited bko? hehehhe....joke!

    unsa kaha surprises ni banana sa imo ani no? hehehe..excited ko for you...advance happy birthday madam sis....mwah...:)

    I see you have tons of opportunities now...great job...you deserve it...woi did you tried payingpost yet?
    Lollii-Pii said...
    Advance Hapi birthday ate cacai!!!be sure to invite me..lol. kidding. May God Bless you always^^ muwaaAhhuUugzZz

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