April 16, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Hahahah! Yeah, the expression laugh out loud or mostly written in text and to shorten in short messages "lol" . Yep, I admit sometimes I could be careless of what other thinks as long as I could burst out what I feel but it's not that often, huh? it's just only sometimes because am thinking of decency and etiquette of a woma n in a crowd, there's that what we call "common sense". Decency can be perceived by a person dealing or carrying it, if one just laugh loudly at the bus - it's just okey if it's only once or twice but having it as a normal voice as if you're just talking to your co-conversationalist or may I say alone with a partner talking about gossips or about boys- is it decent folks? As if the bus isn't close enough that bus mates from afar couldn't hear it? I tell you guys, even how busy the street is, as in she laughed so hard that you couldn't care less to look at the person! eeeewww? If you're in the situation folks, what will you do? Here's the scenario: the teenage girl with her classmate sat at the second sits at the back and it's some kind of afar from the front but the thing is there is 2/3 of passengers occupy the bus sits. It's just came to the point that the girl laugh loud! At first we just ignore it as if we didn't heared it. But then she still continue laughing, and laughing! OMG! - that is what on my mind talking, having a decency too to talk it verbally(lol). Well, at the fifth time consecutively, more and more busm ates looked at her but what she did was she ignored the look and let people got pissed as well as the driver. I was just glad that minutes after it, she buzzed up to take-off from the bus. I guess she sensed that she did wrong and got ashamed of what she did, if not then, am sure passengers will tell her to shut-off. Again, how do you deal with it if you're in the situation like this folks? I guess you couldn't care less about it? turn-on your i-pod so you will not be annoyed? cover-up your ears? eh? Well, all I could say for now is hahahah (lol)? (~_~)



  1. Janice said...
    It's always good to laugh.

    1. It's good for the heart
    2. Takes / Needs less muscles than when you pout.
    3. Relieves stress
    4. Can make anyone pretty
    5. Can make this world a much better place to live in
    6. It creates more friendship...

    and the list goes on and on :)

    so yes.. laugh out loud often and your heart will be more happier too :)

    Happy LOL-ing day, Sis! (lol) heheheh
    ROSILIE said...
    I love to laugh and hear others laugh but some simply go for attention-calling that the laugh becomes an annoyance. Hahhahaha!

    Take care sis!

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