April 21, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Photo Frames has been a good gift for a beloved person or special someone close to your heart. Before we used to have a traditional one but nowadays, we have choices! If you're in with technology, then digital frame is right for you. Since I got fascinated with photos and pictures especially to my loved ones, I like to have one of this. For me it's nice because you can download lots of pics in one frame, some even got a remote to view in thumbnails or slide show. It keeps also the place organize and uncrowded to look at. I hope I could even get one for my coming birthday.. hope so..


  1. NovaS said...
    gwaps, great idea, i got you some award waiting in my page.. hope you like it..

    ROSILIE said...
    Hello Cai!

    When is your birthday? There will be lots of pictures forsure to be kept.Hahhahahah!

    BTW, I am done with my masters in management and just teaching this subject.I have used a blog to impart my lessons and a reason to go online.hahhahhahah!
    Blogger Rise said...
    hope you get what you hope for :)
    Secondary Roads said...
    That's a nice frame. We have the old-fashion kind around here. Lots of them. A digital frame would be nice.
    I have something for you today on Secondary Roads. Please stop by and claim an award.
    -- Chuck
    Gina said...
    I would to give this as a gift for my parents too. Have a nide day!
    dhimas130184 said...
    great idea, its wonderful, keep going i will be back,
    comment back please at http://gotraveller.blogspot.com

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