April 22, 2009

As I want to continue my posting of awards and awarding, I come across of thinking some relaxation to do, I did browse a music website and heard some good music that soothes my mind today not to mention am sick and needs some rest but I had to do something that doesn't bore me at home while relaxing my poor body for the current days. So then, I remember my friend Au last vacation I had in their home and find some time to view the golf course and while chatting (personally), we come to think of another new sport to dig into and that sport is Billiard. Do you like playing or watching billiard folks? Am impressed of a person who knows how to play billiard especially if it's a woman. But that's not the reason of getting to know about billiard huh? But actually, it's one of the reason.. heheh.. Well, before doing that we need to know about the game and how to play with it to excel even in novice part. I know this is my one of my assignment that I need to know to give good info to my friend Au, you, and of course to myself. And this website offers a valuable information because they have instructions how-to and all the needs of a novice player. The pool and billiards instruction, term and terminology, billiards basics, buying guides, maintenance tips, billiards digest, instructions installation, and all the required needs to have and play it. And not only billiard stuffs but they also offers pool cues, pool cue cases, darts, and etc.


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