April 22, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Yep! I missed the cook of bamboo shoot already mixed it with preserved fish in a can soaked with a tomato in it - sardines, in bisaya dialect it's tinapa. I don't know if you're familiar with this folks but for me it's one of the best but it depends on my mode of taste, meaning it's not all the time. It will then become monotonous if you will have to eat such in more than one day, I know... because that's what I am... it's the food huh? (~_~) Don't think others... *wink*. Anyway, here's the recipe if you then like to cook some or just want to know what am I talking about, here it is:


1 smallest can of bamboo shoot - about 200G (sold in oriental stores, in Asian lane stores)
1 can net wt. of 5.5 oz{155 G} sardines (choice of in tomato sauce chili added or any) 1 or 2 cloves garlic
1/4 size of onion
cooking oil
1/8 cup water

  1. Open cans of preserved bamboo shoot and sardines.
  2. Sift preserved bamboo shoot in a can to remove water and set aside.
  3. Prepare frying pan, put in the stove, and prepare water.
  4. Heat up cooking oil and while heating-up crash the garlic and cut onion.
  5. As the cooking is heaten-up already, put onion and garlic and let it brownish.
  6. As onion and garlic brownish, put on the sardines and followed with water after being slightly cooked then, put the bamboo shoot. The bamboo shoot is already soft and just let it warm so not that long to cook.
  7. Let it stand for 3 minutes and done! Serve hot with rice and juice!
My partner always mistakenly looking at this food as spaghetti because bamboo shoot 's texture is just like an spag, and after telling him one time he taste it, then surprisingly he likes it! And it's good to know that I convince him to eat some and love it then.
Happy cooking and eating folks! For now, I just have to wait 'til it will be afternoon and cook some. Whew! Am hungry already..


  1. prettyfirefly said...
    im your FC
    prettyfirefly said...
    have a great weekend
    Blogger Rise said...
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    Umma said...
    I havent tasted this one Cai.. I dont know if it tastes good or not..

    I missed the food in PI too but I miss the most is lechon, I saw the picture at Amy's blog.. tulo laway sad nako oi.. kay fiesta man kaha sa ilaha diay.

    Musta na ang beauty mo diha Cai..
    NovaS said...
    thanks for being a great blogger friend.... and yup, i was your FC hahahah didn't know that... awexome huh...

    Speedcat Hollydale said...
    ... antthing with onion and garlic is OK by me!!!!

    Hi from SpeedyCat :-)
    ROSILIE said...
    This is one of my fave meals. I like it best with coconut milk.yumyum!

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