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September 27, 2012

Fairies. For sure you know what fairies are, and how one can grant a wish. Fairies can only be found on fairy tales and movies, or, is it? Not so.

Alright, I haven't been visited by a fairy yet, but Fairy Hobmother does. Yes, he visited my four blogs and one of such he likes and yep, granted the blogger's (the person behind that blog, who is me, of course. Wink.) little wish! Isn't that exciting! Yes! And before I forgot FH is a guy, yes he is. I just want to let you know that because I thought FH is a girl/woman. Smile. :-) The bottom line is, he is sprinkling his dusts to the blogland, so what are you waiting for? Comment on this post and make a little wish or just simply wish that he would visit your blog/s and shower his fairy dusts so you could also experience that he is real! I'll give you a tip, after commenting on this post, follow Fairy Hobmother (or Matt Mitchell) on twitter (twit him and let him know your wish or a wish that he will visit your blog/s)! :-)
{For now, I can only wish he would shower his fairy dusts to my other three blogs so I can add some more to my piggy bank for my hubby and daughter's Christmas present (it would be a big help, wink. ;-) ). :-) Oops, I won't hesitate to tell a wish for myself. As an Stay-At-Home Mom and a wife who does all the job of dish-washing (and all the washing) by hand (since we don't have a dishwasher), I so like and wish to have a Beko dishwasher. I think I best deserve to have one.  So wishfully, Fairy Hobmother will visit my other three blogs so I can have what I wished for. :-) Yeah, instead of great foods, travel/leisure and anything alike, this is all what I wish to him. Wink. ;-) Christmas is coming! ;-) } Fairy Hobmother, shower me more of your fairy dusts, please?

Right on my co-bloggers, don't forget to do your first step through commenting on this post so he can see you and who knows you're the next to be showered on, of his fairy dusts! Good luck!

September 03, 2012

I am imagining a place fronting the beach where I get a full of view of the sun as it rises in the morning and sets in the afternoon. I can see myself and my hubby in the terrace sharing sweet nothings while enjoying the view sipping a cup of tea. What a great life's journey it would be!

This prompted me to browse the net for some possible places to be and while at it, I landed on this website of  Luxury oceanfront real estate in Miami that simply fits the place the way I wanted. It is a noticeably good source for me and for all others out there looking out for luxury oceanfront condos in Miami and Fort Lauderdale area.

What impressed me is the wide array of choices for possible property buyers which include Luxury oceanfront condominiums in Miami provided with important details about the place. The website is owned by Seaside Properties Group, Inc. which is a luxury real Estate Company located in South Florida. They sell luxury oceanfront condos and waterfront houses from Palm Beach to Miami which clients are sophisticated, wealthy home buyers looking for a second or third home.

They say that when you dream, you should dream big things because dreaming is free. Who knows this dream of mine might just come true one day?

September 06, 2010

If you could remember the post about my ultimate wish this year then you will know how hungry and thirsty (what a words huh! :D ) of a digital SLR though there is that second thought (aside from it is kinda heavy for my light pocket) on the other side of my brain because of its heaviness. Just a personal thought but the bigger reason is the bucks (LOL).

I just then realized after scouring the pages of such brands, the research, reviews and chasing (*wink) I came to realize it is not practical for me to have it this time. But instead I have my wish before I thought of that DSLR, it is something that makes it sophisticated or for the soon-event that would happen. I would just let it remain just a mystery for that stuff and that planned event to happen for now. I will just then reveal if I have it already. Hehehe! Ting..ti..di..ding... ;-) I thought I would enjoy it more than DSLR yet. For DSLR, it would just still be a wish-a-wish but not that I so dying to have it for the moment. Waaaa.. Guess? It is still just a digi-camera. (LOL) but not "SLR". Perhaps I could just wait for a lightweight DSLR. :) Just a personal thought, not against (actually I so love to have it as I said) of course. :)

August 29, 2010

Momentarily, oops! I mean for this year or before November, my only ultimate wish is digital SLR camera either of the brand Canon, Nikon or Sony. My DH and I do not have a brand Canon or Nikon yet but for Sony, we have our video cam already of this brand that is why it is my third choice if ever I could own one. Momma Ench and Dhemz suggested to have the first and second choices and made me to realize and comprehend it is also great to have knowing those brands are already tested for how many years. Just days ago, Sony sent me email and mail (after I subscribed and put-up the video cam registration) that Sony have now a lightweight DSLR unlike the traditional heavy one. I got curious and made me wish to have one. Well, you could not blame me for wishing to have a DSLR camera for I love to take photos which I could think I began to love it when I was nine years old after my mother brought one home which made me broke it without her knowing. Whoa! Bad me! But she knew who made to broke it after I told her afterward. *grin* Oops I am not that stubborn, okay? It just made me realize how I love to pose and take pictures. Ha! ;-) Okay, that is all about it. Not the very high-end but above the average. *wink* I am saving for it but I guess it will take me 148 years to get all the accessories and main DSLR. Ha ha ha! If one would offer as a gift, why not? Paging DH (or any of you?)! Ha ha. Am just kidding Hon. I understand how it is tough to get bucks and just have it for a want. Whew! ;-) It is my wish but there are obstacles from surroundings which made me not to get it because they also wanted my savings for that DSLR. Geeezz! I wonder what can I get when I will give what they wanted in exchange of soon-reward for myself. :( My DH is outside with that. Anyhow, I just lay down my hands to God with it. Wish-a-wish!

April 30, 2010

Sensitive individuals especially to those who have difficulty of carrying their steps in journeying to a sensitive places like going to a bathtub in order to do one's thing, for me, it is great to have a walk in bathtubs like below. I myself, sometimes has a difficulty of standing in our bathtub for it seems I gonna slid out of it especially when its "soapy" time. Soap adds the slide, so I have to be careful all the time.

And the time that I seen it, I uttered to myself of how I wish I could have such. ;-) Okay, am just dreaming or perhaps it's not that essential for me because I still have a lot of strength to hold on my body weight so I will not slide but still it's great to desire some stuffs.. you know.. ;-)

October 31, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

Diving as what we know is one type of water sport. Do you love diving?

As for me,diving is an interesting underwater sport. I haven't been into formal diving. Meaning to say, I don't have any gear, stuffs for this and for that. But have tried it as I was in elementary in swimming pool practicing. (~_~) How I love to do it with all the necessary equipment in the sea or in the lake. How I wish to do it one day. If that day would come, I would like to check out bonica snapper where I can see lots of diving supplies needed for my underwater adventure. It's great to have one-stop shop so I can avail of the discounts and promotions. Doing the sports you wish with all the desired equipments makes you feel comfortable and safer in underwater world. Have fun!

September 23, 2009

posted by: Cacai M.

My digital camera which hubby bought for me months after I came here in USA is from Samsung brand. It is color silver. And it is still good until now. Well, it's just two years and I care it deeply. I even buy stuffs for it so it would last longer than expected. And next to the plan is getting a digital camcorder or video cam. Though my digital cam has a video feature but it's just good for 30 minutes or so. As having this post, been eye-ing to samsung HD SSD with 64GB memory($799 after sale) or the affordable digital camcorder w/16GB memory($299 after sale plus free shipping). I love the red color or silver to match with my red laptop case or our silver digital cam. I hope hubby will buy it for me, not now or very soon but hopefully soon or one day(hehehhe).

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