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September 27, 2012

Fairies. For sure you know what fairies are, and how one can grant a wish. Fairies can only be found on fairy tales and movies, or, is it? Not so.

Alright, I haven't been visited by a fairy yet, but Fairy Hobmother does. Yes, he visited my four blogs and one of such he likes and yep, granted the blogger's (the person behind that blog, who is me, of course. Wink.) little wish! Isn't that exciting! Yes! And before I forgot FH is a guy, yes he is. I just want to let you know that because I thought FH is a girl/woman. Smile. :-) The bottom line is, he is sprinkling his dusts to the blogland, so what are you waiting for? Comment on this post and make a little wish or just simply wish that he would visit your blog/s and shower his fairy dusts so you could also experience that he is real! I'll give you a tip, after commenting on this post, follow Fairy Hobmother (or Matt Mitchell) on twitter (twit him and let him know your wish or a wish that he will visit your blog/s)! :-)
{For now, I can only wish he would shower his fairy dusts to my other three blogs so I can add some more to my piggy bank for my hubby and daughter's Christmas present (it would be a big help, wink. ;-) ). :-) Oops, I won't hesitate to tell a wish for myself. As an Stay-At-Home Mom and a wife who does all the job of dish-washing (and all the washing) by hand (since we don't have a dishwasher), I so like and wish to have a Beko dishwasher. I think I best deserve to have one.  So wishfully, Fairy Hobmother will visit my other three blogs so I can have what I wished for. :-) Yeah, instead of great foods, travel/leisure and anything alike, this is all what I wish to him. Wink. ;-) Christmas is coming! ;-) } Fairy Hobmother, shower me more of your fairy dusts, please?

Right on my co-bloggers, don't forget to do your first step through commenting on this post so he can see you and who knows you're the next to be showered on, of his fairy dusts! Good luck!

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