August 29, 2010

Momentarily, oops! I mean for this year or before November, my only ultimate wish is digital SLR camera either of the brand Canon, Nikon or Sony. My DH and I do not have a brand Canon or Nikon yet but for Sony, we have our video cam already of this brand that is why it is my third choice if ever I could own one. Momma Ench and Dhemz suggested to have the first and second choices and made me to realize and comprehend it is also great to have knowing those brands are already tested for how many years. Just days ago, Sony sent me email and mail (after I subscribed and put-up the video cam registration) that Sony have now a lightweight DSLR unlike the traditional heavy one. I got curious and made me wish to have one. Well, you could not blame me for wishing to have a DSLR camera for I love to take photos which I could think I began to love it when I was nine years old after my mother brought one home which made me broke it without her knowing. Whoa! Bad me! But she knew who made to broke it after I told her afterward. *grin* Oops I am not that stubborn, okay? It just made me realize how I love to pose and take pictures. Ha! ;-) Okay, that is all about it. Not the very high-end but above the average. *wink* I am saving for it but I guess it will take me 148 years to get all the accessories and main DSLR. Ha ha ha! If one would offer as a gift, why not? Paging DH (or any of you?)! Ha ha. Am just kidding Hon. I understand how it is tough to get bucks and just have it for a want. Whew! ;-) It is my wish but there are obstacles from surroundings which made me not to get it because they also wanted my savings for that DSLR. Geeezz! I wonder what can I get when I will give what they wanted in exchange of soon-reward for myself. :( My DH is outside with that. Anyhow, I just lay down my hands to God with it. Wish-a-wish!


  1. nuts said...
    i wish I'm your gennie in a bottle so i could say right now that your wish is now granted.. hihi
    btw, naku sis, ako nga kakabili lang cam pero wish ko pa din bumili ng nikon dslr..haha..
    Cacai M. said...
    Mommy Nuts.. heheh.. sana nga no? ;-) ibigay mo nlng 'yong other dslr mo mommy.. hehehe.. ;)
    Dhemz said...
    ako din madam sis...I wish I'm the gennie...or naa ko magic powers...para tanan ta naa DSLR...ehehhehe!

    I know someday soon moabot rana madam sis....:) paging ang bana...ehhehehe!
    Cacai M. said...
    hahaha! Lagi ky maka-envy mn pod.. chaarr.. come what may lang japun ni madam sis.. mora'g baby ba^.. lol.. ;-)

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