December 11, 2012

(This is a guest post)

‘Tis the season to be jolly, so why not buy yourself a new outfit this Christmas? There are many wonderful clothes in the shops at the moment, but what sort of things should you look out for? Well, this will greatly depend on your body shape, so try to dress for your physique.


Breast enlargement procedures are widely available, but you’ve got a chest to be proud of – so make the most of it. Show off your ample bosom in plunging necklines and don’t be afraid to wear a well-tailored jacket to draw attention to your upper half. If you’re worried about your wider middle, stick to dark colour tops or opt for bright, bold patterns, as these distract the eye. Team them with flat-fronted trousers or A-line skirts and you’ve got a Christmas outfit to be proud of.


If you’re a pear shape, you carry your weight around your lower half. This is good news in a way, as the eye typically goes to the top of your body first. As you are likely to have a small waist, thin arms and a dainty chest, show off your best bits in a strapless dress and use a thin waist belt to pinch in your middle. If you don’t like wearing dresses, pleated skirts and boot-cut jeans are great as they can balance out your proportions. Again, opt for a darker colour, such as black, brown or navy blue, as these are notoriously slimming.


Do you do a lot of sport? If so, you might have a toned physique with plenty of muscle definition. While this is highly impressive, it can sometimes seem a little boyish, so add curves with feminine details such as frills and pleats. Ruffles are also great, but don’t go too over the top or you might look a little swamped by all the material. If you are going for a night on the town, leggings are ideal, as they will show off your perfect pins, but will allow you to wear something pretty and glamorous on top. What’s more, if you are a little flat chested, you might have considered a breast augmentation – but a padded bra can work wonders.


If you are five foot ten inches, you are considered tall in most clothes shops – so head to the relevant section if they have one. Opt for garments with plenty of style and structure, as these will fit your curves nicely and won’t just hang. Skinny jeans are ideal as are fitted shirts, tailored jackets and flared dresses, so don’t be afraid to try new styles on. If you find dresses are a little too short, team them with thick wooly tights or leggings and don’t be afraid of heels. There’s plenty more style advice online, so see what other tall girls have to say and work your look with confidence.

Shop ‘til you drop this Christmas and buy yourself a few early presents.


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